3 Tips To Save Your Marriage Before Calling A Divorce Lawyer In Sydney

If you are reading this, then it means there must be some part of you that want to save the marriage so that you don’t need to say goodbye and end up calling a divorce lawyer in Sydney. Saving a marriage isn’t easy and some will argue that if a relationship doesn’t effortlessly work then it should end.

However, if you have been married a long time and have children, going to a divorce lawyer in Sydney is going to mean huge life chances for more than just you and your soon-to-be ex. It’s no secret that children are left worse off when their parents split, and in spite of societies best efforts these kids be traumatised by the experience of their parents splitting up with the classic example of a child blaming themselves. Of course, older children have an easier time accepting and understanding a split that younger ones.

The following will look at some tips you can use to avoid resorting to a divorce lawyer in Sydney.


1.      Go to marriage counselling

This is something you have probably already thought about but might have wondered if it would be a waste of time and money. However, if you want to avoid going to a divorce lawyer in Sydney, you need to explore every possible option.

Marriage counselling is often the last resort or something that one partner wants but the other thinks is unnecessary. Some people think that if marriage counselling is necessary it means that the relationship is being forced at that both people should just move on.

However, its not always as simple as that and its possible to be unhappy in a marriage with someone you still love dearly. At any rate; it’s a complicated process and any commitment to marriage counselling has to be sincere from both parties for it to work. If your spouse does not meaningfully participate in marriage counselling, then it really does become a waste of time and money.

A lot of couples will report their relationship became worse after marriage counselling or that it accelerated their split. Sometimes the best result of marriage counselling is that the couple splits, but you want to avoid seeing a divorce lawyer in Sydney, right?


2.      Introduce other people/change dynamic

This is either going to arouse your or turn you off completely, but sometimes sharing love with others is a good way to save the marriage, especially one that feel stagnant sexually. People get bored of each other, and as couples get more used to one another they put less effort into their appearance and sexuality, causing the common decrease in routine sex people associate with marriage.

Acknowledging that, while you still love each other, you want to have more sexual and romantic freedom could be a very mature and effective step, especially if it means you can still parent children together. This is far superior to going to a divorce lawyer in Sydney (and a lot more fun).


3.      Speak to your friends and family

friends talking

Another way to avoid having to see a divorce lawyer in Sydney is to talk to the people closest to your marriage and get their candid opinions. If it’s obvious to heaps of people that the marriage isn’t working and can recommend a course of action.

Hopefully the above gave you some insight on things you can do before seeing a divorce lawyer in Sydney.