Veterinary Orthopedics

How Does Veterinary Orthopedics Work?

Know what is being done with your pet in the event of an accident. Let’s understand more about it?

Knowing what is being done with your pet in the event of an accident or health problem, the care being taken, adopted veterinary procedures, is the obligation of every jealous owner, is not it?

Yes, but a lot of people do not know many of these procedures. A veterinary clinic has some similarities with ours, but there are also some quirks.

Acupuncture, physiotherapy, and orthopedics are some of the services offered that are not our exclusivity.

See below a little of the functioning of veterinary orthopedics:

Some examples of services offered to furry

1- The care and surgery service is one of the top appointments that a veterinary orthopedic should have. It is necessary that the clinic has all the required equipment to carry out the first consultations and to arrange surgeries of high complexity when needed. It is the function of this clinic, in addition to providing the necessary infrastructure, also to give the owners of the service reports with the return to the establishment whenever necessary.

2 – Acupuncture – It is a Chinese therapeutic method that aims at obtaining the energy balance, in this case, the animals. It is performed by introducing needles into specific locations of the pussy’s body to control diseases that cause an imbalance in the body.

3 – The orthotics itself is performed for diseases that cause damage to bones, muscles, ligaments, or joints, for example. Place where he will have the necessary care to diagnose diseases or essential interventions.

4 – In physiotherapy, your little animal will have a structure created to strengthen and re-use health. It consists of the use of devices that can relieve your pain, relax the muscle, or increase your muscles.

5- Hydrotherapy. Yes, in these clinics there is also water treatment for your best friend. This method has effects on the nervous, thermal, and circulatory systems with objectives similar to physiotherapy, but using water as a recovery tool.