7 Steps to Choosing Perfect Italian Sofas in Sydney

So you’ve decided it’s time to add Italian sofas in Sydney to your home. But how do you make an informed decision and ensure you select one that will last?

There are many factors to consider when shopping for a new couch, from material to sizing. But don’t let it overwhelm you – this article outlines 7 simple steps involved in having the perfect lounge.


1.     Take your measurements

Let’s get one thing clear: your couch needs to fit in your property. There’s no point spending thousands on Italian sofas in Sydney if it’s going to be too big for your lounge room. So your first step needs to be measuring your maximum lounge dimensions. Include dimensions of stairwells and doors that your couch will need to travel through to get to the room. Small rooms or doorways may create the need for a modular couch or one with removable pieces.


2.     Choose a material

Have a think about your needs and lifestyle, as these will determine the type of material you select for your couch. High-quality leather is a good option for those with kids or pets as it is easy to maintain and lasts a long time. Alternatively, synthetic fabric might be ideal for those looking for a couch to place in the sunroom, as this won’t fade like natural materials will.


3.     Select a colour and style

Italian sofas in Sydney should match (or contrast nicely) the overall look of the room it will be kept in. Make sure you select a style and colour that looks appealing in your chosen room and avoid design faux paus – pattern on pattern generally doesn’t look very good.


4.     Try it first

The couch might look nice, but that’s no guarantee that it’s going to feel good to sit on! Make sure you go into the showroom to test out your couch of choice. You want to check that it gives you good back support, has a comfortable depth and is long enough for you to stretch out on it if desired. Other factors to consider include footrests and drink holders, if you want them.


5.     Get a good frame

A high-quality frame is essential for ensuring your Italian sofas in Sydney will go the mile. Solid hardwood is the optimal material of choice. Whatever you end up choosing, make sure it comes with a warranty of at least 15 years.


6.     Assess the cushions

Make sure your cushions are of the highest quality to ensure your Italian sofas in Sydney will truly please. Different materials have different strengths and drawbacks:

  • Pure feather cushions are comfy but need to be plumped regularly
  • Fibre or foam cushions can lose their shape over time and may not be as comfortable

The ideal solution is to select cushions which use both feather and foam, as this will provide both structure and comfort.


7.     Maintain it properly

Once you have made your purchase, ensure that you take good care of your couch to get the most life out of it. You should vacuum it regularly (doing the cracks and underneath the cushions, too) to keep it clean.  Ensure that you clean up any spills immediately using appropriate product to prevent stains. You may want to use a lint roller if you have pets to prevent the build-up of pet hair on your Italian sofas in Sydney. If your couch is made of leather, using a leather conditioner on occasion will help to maintain its quality. And finally, be sure to fluff up your cushions regularly!